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The Walk with Me Project

At the Walk with Me Project, we know how challenging, scary and all-consuming cancer can be. We also believe that you are stronger than the disease and there are ways to come out with memories of this time that are bigger and better than the fear. The Walk with Me Project hopes to inspire your personal journey and to help you activate your community to support you every step of the way. From our own experience, we can say that your people are looking for ways to be there with you and show up when you need them. 

Here's what the Walk with Me is about:

Finding ways to find joy during the most challenging times.

Moving whenever possible to stay mentally and physically healthy.

Getting your community involved in your cancer journey to get the support you need.

Taking back your life from cancer even when it feels like it has taken over.

Cancer treatment is hard, and we always suggest checking with your doctor about what movement will work for you. 

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“The summer of 2021 was not dominated by cancer, despite the hours we trekked to rid my body of it. What I’ll remember most is long walks and long conversations — and the lengths people will go to show up when you need them most.”

Carlin Carr, founder of the Walk with Me Project, in the Boston Globe

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